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Guide to use polyaluminium chloride chemical – pac conglomerate

As we all know Polyaluminium chloride – PAC is aluminum alum exists in the form of polymers. Molecular formula [Al2 (OH) nCl6-n] m. Today, DONG BINH CHEMICALS will guide you how to use and use of Polyaluminium chloride – PAC

Polyaluminium chloride – PAC is used most of the following technological processes:
– Purify domestic water and drinking water for households, settle in direct water of rivers and canals to create drinking water.
– Water supply for civil and industrial water supply: surface water treatment, suitable for water supply plants, swimming pools, water supply stations …
– Industrial waste water treatment, oil contaminated water, coal washing water … Especially, wastewater treatment plants used for treating wastewater containing heavy suspended solids such as industrial wastewater in ceramic industry, bricks and dyes , seafood processing factory, cattle slaughtering factory, metallurgy, belonging, …
– Aquaculture breeders (shrimp, breed) can also use PAC. – Make up to 10% -20% solution into the source water, stir and settle.
– Surface water treatment: 1-10g / m3 PAC depending on the turbidity of raw water.
– Waste water treatment (paper mill, weaving, dyeing …) from 20-200g / m3 PAC depending on the content of suspended matter and the nature of wastewater.
– The dose of PAC used for 1m3 of river water, ponds and lakes is 1-4g PAC for low turbid water (50-400 mg / l), 5-6g PAC for medium turbid water (500-700 mg l) and 7-10 g PAC for high turbid water (800-1200 mg / l). Accurate dosage is determined by direct test for the water to be treated. After settling in, if used for boiling need to boil or sterilized water in a guideline.
-PAC can be used to treat wastewater containing suspended solids such as industrial wastewater in ceramic industry, brick, paper, dye, seafood processing factory, cattle slaughterhouse, PAC for waste water treatment 1 m3 in the range of 15-30 grams, depending on the concentration of suspended solids and the nature of each type of wastewater. The exact dose to be determined through direct testing with the object to be treated.
– Polyaluminium chloride content – The standard PAC is determined practically for each type of treated water.

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