With over 15 years experience in the chemical industry, Ltd. Export Chemical Dai Long Binh us professional import and supply of basic chemicals for the industry: metal finishing, water/waste treatment, paper production, glass production,... In addition, we provide additives for the fertilizer industry, food, pharmaceuticals.... With the motto “There is quality, no market” We are always interested in quality of goods and products. So far, Ltd Imex CHEMICAL AGENTS LONG BINH has become one of the pillars of imports in the village of chemicals in Vietnam, it was the effort of all the members of the Company under the leadership wisdom of the Board Poison.

Towards immediate goals and future plans, the Company we are determined to promote the consumption of chemical products across the country, bringing the total number and value of imported goods increased annually. On the other hand, our Company will also increase the market share of its business, expand markets and healthy competition in the chemical market.

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  Wastewater treatment chemicals


Guide to safe use of caustic soda - NaOH


Guide to use of Polyaluminium chloride - Pac coagulation


Preliminary guidance on registration and declaration of chemicals online


Guide swimming pool treatment with Chlorine Nippon 70%, PAC ...




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